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Lifestein Launches Innovative Fall Detection Jewelry for Personal Safety

Munich-based startup Lifestein has developed a new product aimed at reducing life-threatening injuries from falls. Lifestein uses advanced sensors, LoRaWAN technology and real-time notifications for loved ones via an app.This innovative solution fills a gap in the market especially for elderly wearers who have previously steered clear of existing solutions, such as home emergency buttons or smart watches, due to overwhelming technological complexity and unattractive design. Lifestein’s automatic fall detection jewelry aims to provide wearers and their loved ones with a reassuring sense of security and enable notification of emergency contacts in the event of a fall. Relatives can decide for themselves who should be notified in an emergency and how: call, SMS, e-mail, messenger such as WhatsApp, Telegram or even Slack and many more are already possible.

About Lifestein
The idea for Lifestein came about when founders Lucas Egglseder and Michaela Stauch were working on a university project and realized that existing fall detection and personal alert systems were stigmatizing and outdated. Their grandparents refused to wear them because of their unattractive design and impractical technology. With the goal of creating a better solution, they developed an entirely new product that fits seamlessly into people’s daily wardrobes, requires no technological understanding from wearers, and also does not require daily recharging.According to statistics from the World Health Organization, falls are the second leading cause of injury and death for people aged 65 and older worldwide.[1] In Germany alone, approximately 16 people in the 60+ generation fall every minute.[2] Lifestein’s solution aims to reduce the number of fall-related injuries and deaths by providing a discreet, fashionable, and easy-to-use product that people enjoy wearing, unlike existing solutions.

One sensor – endless possibilities
Lifestein will be available in a bundle, one sensor and one initial piece of jewelry together with a monthly app subscription. In addition, due to the modularity of the design, there is the possibility that additional pieces of jewelry can be purchased, including necklaces and bracelets, available in gold, silver and rose gold.Being an IoT device, it is location and second-device independent thanks to LoRaWAN technology, making it a reliable and accessible option for anyone who needs a fall detection system. Once the sensor is set up via the associated app by loved ones, it optionally connects to the Helium network or even, once available in the EU, Amazon Sidewalk.

Lifestein’s fall detection jewelry is set to revolutionize the personal safety market by providing a discreet, fashionable and easy-to-use solution for the elderly.Our goal is to make Lifestein’s jewelry with fall detection accessible to as many people as possible. The market launch is scheduled for Q1 2024. To make sure you don’t miss the launch, feel free to visit our website at http://www.lifestein.tech and sign up for our newsletter.

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