AVM FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro

Halle 10.2 / Stand 107

Doris Haar
Mobil / während der IFA: +49 173 6286217

FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro

Top model for fiber optic/DSL – Future-proof home networking

New high-end FRITZ!Box for fiber optic and DSL with tri-band Wi-Fi 7 and Zigbee

Fiber optic is on its way to many households, and the switch from DSL to fiber optic is imminent. The new FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro offers complete flexibility for this technology switch and for every fiber optic or DSL connection. With Wi-Fi 7, Zigbee and DECT, plus a powerful processor and many connection options via gigabit LAN and USB, it offers a future-proof solution. The new top model with an elegant, upright design is suitable for all common fiber optic connections: For the GPON and AON standards, and also via the 2.5-GBit/s WAN port for use with a fiber optic modem (ONT). Alternatively, the FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro can be used on all DSL connections, including supervectoring, for speeds of up to 300 MBit/s. The premium model is also a tri-band Mesh Router and supports Wi-Fi 7, the next generation Wi-Fi for new magnitudes of speed and latency. The FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro can transmit on the three frequency bands 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and, for the first time, 6 GHz, achieving data rates of up to around 18.5 Gbit/s in accordance with the Wi-Fi 6 and 7 standards. Thanks to the new 6-GHz band used exclusively for Wi-Fi, a slew of mobile devices can communicate wirelessly at high speeds with no radar interference. The FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro also offers powerful features for the Smart Home. Besides DECT ULE, it also has the Zigbee radio standard on board, so that many smart applications can be implemented in the areas of energy efficiency, heating, and lighting. In addition it is prepared for the Matter standard – for even more smart applications in the home. Above and beyond this, the FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro is equipped with powerful networking, a telephone system with full convenience for telephony, VPN, Wi-Fi guest access, firewall, and USB ports for connecting storage media or mobile dongles. More information en.avm.de/ifa

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