Baseus Gan 5 Pro Desktop Fast Charger 240W

Baseus Technology
Halle 5.2 / Stand A116

Andreas Mauer
Mobil / während der IFA: +49 89 12414793

Shuiling Mei
Mobil / während der IFA: +49 89 12414793

Baseus Gan 5 Pro Desktop Fast Charger 240W

Desktop-Charger with Display and App-Support

With the „Baseus Gan 5 Pro Desktop Fast Charger 240W“ the Shenzhen-based company is introducing a versatile, fully customizable desktop charger with display and app-support. The brand new product can be used by app and has a bright display that shows in a transparent way the charging-current and -mode.The new fast charger has 1 AC outlet, furthermore 3 USB-C and 1 USB-A port. It is primarily designed to sit onto a desktop to power an entire ecosystem, including a laptop, monitor, lamp, speaker, wireless charger, and most desktop electronics. It supports PD3.1 as well as all the major fast charging protocols.Users can define by app which port delivers which charging current – up to 150 Watt are possible here. After setting the own perferences, the charging current and other informations are shown on the display of the charger. 5 devices can be charged at one time, among them also gamebooks.Need more power and ports? Baseus is also introducing the new „Baseus PowerCombo Tower Powerstrip 2AC+2A+2C+Digital Display 100W“ with GaN-technology and 6 ports, addtionally AC-output. This device also comes with display and app-support. The PowerCombo Towers are also available as 7in1- and 10in1-charging-stations.

Details and prices are announced at the launch-event of Baseus on August 31st in Hotel Adlon (please register by mail or using the form in the link Among others, the company also shows its first wallbox for loading electrical vehicles, new earbuds, powerbanks and other innovative solutions.

Feel free to test the new charger and ask further questions at the booth of Baseus (Hall 5.2, Stand A116). Appointments at IFA-booth can be easily booked here:

Specifications of the : „Baseus Gan 5 Pro Desktop Fast Charger 240W“:

  • Ports: 3 Type-C, 1 USB-A, 1DC
  • Input: AC 100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 3.5A Max
  • Output: DC 240W; C1 140W; C2 100W; C3 30W; A1 30W DC+C1/C2 140W+100W
  • DC+C3/A1 140W+30W DC+C1+C2/C3/A1 140W+65W+30W, DC+C2+C3/A1
  • 140W+65W+30W DC+C3+A1 140W+30W+30W DC+C1+C2+C3/A1
  • 140W+65W+20W+18W DC+C2+C3+A1 140W+65W+20W+18W
  • C1+C2 140W+100W C1+C3/A1 140W+30W C2+C3/A1 100W+30W C3+A1 30W+30W
  • C1+C2+C3/A1 140W+65W+30W C1+C3+A1 140W+30W+30W C2+C3+A1
  • 100W+30W+30W C1+C2+C3+A1 140W+65W+20W+18W
  • Color: Black
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