Wireless Power Consortium – LEV Standard

Wireless Power Consortium
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Paul Golden
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Wireless Power Consortium - LEV Standard

A new wireless power standard for Light Electric Vehicles such as ebikes and escooters.

For recreational and urban mobility reasons, ebikes, escooters, and other light electric vehicles are booming. But with this growth, users are discovering troubling issues when it comes to charging their batteries. Charging connectors break or wear out, creating costly repairs. Brand-specific chargers and a lack of standards, require users to either charge their batteries at home or risk getting stranded. And most troubling is the rash of fires caused by faulty chargers or batteries reported by fire departments across the world.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has identified LEVs as a category clearly in urgent need of standardization. Just as it did with Qi, the standard for wireless charging of mobile electronic devices and currently shipping nearly 700 million units a year, the WPC plans to bring interoperability and safety to LEVs through development of a wireless power standard for recharging batteries. For users of LEVs, a wireless power standard will make battery charging more convenient, safer and more durable than what exists today.

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