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The Ki standard

Ki, the new wireless power standard for a cordless kitchen

Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, Ki is a new standard for powering kitchen appliances. Poised to become the kitchen of the future due to its modern design, added convenience, and emphasis on innovative technology, the Ki Cordless Kitchen is a game changer for all kitchens, making virtually any type of kitchen appliance cordless and smart.

Launching in 2024, Ki will deliver up to 2.2KW of power, without cords or batteries. Ki delivers power via dual function induction cooktops or hidden undercounter transmitters that work through virtually any kitchen countertop material.

Ki’s intelligent design enables appliances and transmitters to communicate with one another. Transmitters send power with a flick of a switch as soon as the appliance is placed on a transmitter. But transmitters recognize to only send power to a Ki-enabled appliance. Remove the appliance from the transmitter and the power immediately shuts off and the heating surface is cool to the touch, eliminating the risk of burns. The communication protocol enables more precise cooking as well, including added control via your smartphone when away from your kitchen.

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