Baseus Nebula Series GaN AC EV Charger

Baseus Technology
Halle 5.2 / Stand A116

Andreas Mauer
Mobil / während der IFA: +49 89 12414793

Shuiling Mei
Mobil / während der IFA: +49 89 12414793

Baseus Nebula Series GaN AC EV Charger

Powersaving ev-charger with GaN-technology and App-Support

With the „Baseus Nebula Series GaN AC EV Charger“ the company is presenting its first ever powersaving ev-charger, designed to load all kinds of electrical vehicles. Superpowered by optimized Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, it reduces standby power consumption and enhances heat dissipation.In other words: Using this ev-charger means saving electrical energy and money. The output of the ev-charger is up to 11KW. Furthermore, it supports 12 safety protections and can be used also by app. The new car-charger is IP66 dustproof and water splash resistant.

The loading can be started by app, by swiping a card or by bluetooth boot: This way the charging mode is initiated once phone is closer. Users get also a real-time reminder of charging status through the app. Using the Baseus-app, users can also authorize family and friends for accessing the ev-charger.A scheduled charging is also possible, which makes the ev-charger interesting for PV-owners: Just set the loading-time starting at noon, so you have best chances to use free solar power to load your vehicle. Exclude night-times from loading to avoid extra-costs.

Further details about the ev-charger and prices are announced at the launch-event of Baseus on August 31st in Hotel Adlon (please register by mail or using the form in the link: Among others, the company shows also brand new desktop-chargers with display and app-support, new earbuds, powerbanks and other innovative solutions.

Feel free to test the ev-charger and ask further questions at the booth of Baseus (Hall 5.2 , Stand A116). Appointments at IFA-booth can be easily booked here:

Specifications of the „Baseus Nebula Series GaN AC EV Charger“:

  • Maximum Power: 11kW
  • Maximum Current: 32A
  • Input: AC 380V/32A/50Hz
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C – +55°C
  • Cable Length: 5m
  • Ingress Protection: IP66
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