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Kärcher RCF 3

RCF 3 smart robot vacuum cleaner with wiping function from Kärcher

Smart wet cleaning expert for hard floors
Kärcher is expanding its product family of autonomous cleaning devices with a robot vacuum cleaner with wiping function for hard floors, which can independently perform wet wiping while simultaneously picking up light dry dirt. The smart RCF 3 can be easily controlled via an app and is suitable for various floor coverings including tile, stone, PVC, laminate, sealed parquet and vinyl. The result is efficient cleaning and perfectly clean floors.

Clean thanks to Kärcher roller technology
The robot vacuum cleaner with wiping function uses the proven roller technology already featured on Kärcher hard floor cleaners, as well as a sophisticated two-tank system. The roller is continually moistened with water from the fresh water tank, while the collected dirty water and dry dirt are removed from the roller by a scraper edge and stored in a separate dirty water tank. This principle means that the microfibre roller constantly cleans itself, guaranteeing optimal cleaning performance even on larger surfaces.

Precision navigation thanks to integrated sensors
The RCF 3 uses LiDAR navigation technology to accurately scan interiors and create detailed maps. It can easily cross thresholds of up to 15 mm. In addition, fall sensors ensure that the robot stops and reverses before it reaches steps or stairs. It can also identify carpets and avoid them during cleaning to prevent them from getting wet.

Intuitive operation meets easy maintenance
The robot is easily started using the Start/Pause and Home buttons on the device, or conveniently via the app. The LED display on the device shows the current operating state. The RCF 3 navigates back to the supplied charging station when it needs charging. An empty fresh water tank or a full dirty water tank triggers an audible and visual signal, causing the robot to stop autonomously and issue a notification to the app. Once the wiping process is complete, the removable dirty and fresh water tanks ensure minimal contact with dirt and hygienic cleaning. The roller can be easily removed and cleaned in the washing machine at 60 °C.

Kärcher Home Robots app: Individual cleaning plans and custom settings
The Kärcher Home Robots app offers added convenience by storing several room maps on different floors of the building. Cleaning parameters including water quantity, cleaning intensity, number of cleaning cycles and carpet detection mode can be individually set. The user can also set no-go zones and special areas for targeted cleaning, as well as creating an automatic cleaning plan. Another advantage is that the device can be shared with other people in the household via the app.

Focus on sustainability
Like all Kärcher products, the RCF 3 offers superior durability. This is guaranteed by its robust motor and corrosion-resistant materials. Parts such as the rollers and battery can be easily replaced. The product also uses environmentally-friendly materials such as lead-free steel and aluminium, and dispenses with harmful chemicals. The RCF 3 uses less water than conventional floor cleaning processes. In order to prevent waste and conserve resources, the new vacuum cleaner with wiping function follows the „Design for Recycling“ principle which encourages large-scale recovery and reuse of materials.

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