Kärcher OC 3 Foldable

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Kärcher OC 3 Foldable

New portable and collapsible outdoor cleaner – the OC 3 Foldable from Kärcher

Clean, fold, stow
Kärcher presents its latest portable pressure washer, boasting an innovative folding water tank and a capacity of up to eight litres: the OC 3 Foldable. The compact and flexible device is setting new benchmarks in the field of low-pressure washers. With its space-saving and easy-to-stow design, it is great for cleaning jobs on the move. Whether on the campsite, after a long bike ride or in your own garden, it is the ideal solution for a gentle yet effective clean. Its collapsible design makes the OC 3 Foldable easy and compact to pack away.

Powerful and compact
Despite its impressive capacity, the new low-pressure washer does not take up much space when transported: measuring just 10.8 centimetres tall when collapsed, it easily fits into any car boot. Once unfolded, it measures 40 centimetres tall and is as easy to fill up as a conventional bucket. With a gentle low pressure of 5 bar and water consumption of 2 litres per minute, light soiling such as dust and mud can be removed quickly and efficiently from buggies or from dog’s paws. The flexible 1.8-metre long hose also expands the range of application. The built-in battery guarantees 15 minutes of cleaning time and is easy to charge up via a USB-C connection. The user can see how much battery is remaining thanks to the LED display.

The scope of supply includes a flat jet nozzle, which can be swapped over as necessary with other optional accessories, such as the cone-spray nozzle for even gentler cleaning. The OC 3 can be used for even more applications when paired with various wash brushes, a specialist pet brush and a range of spray nozzles.

Sustainability on the move
True to the Kärcher motto „Be the difference“, the new OC 3 series is committed to sustainability and so the Foldable model also stands out for its material efficiency and durability. By reducing the weight compared to predecessor models, Kärcher has succeeded in reducing the materials used in its production, without compromising quality and performance. The plastic-free packaging and the conscious omission of phthalates and PAH further highlight the commitment to ecological sustainability.

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