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Jessica Dittmar

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"Super App" allowing citizens to interact with companies and earn a digital income without giving up their privacy


The polyPod is a „Super App“ enabling citizens to share their unused computing power for Big Data evaluations without giving up their privacy. They can get a digital income and step by step all services from messenger to food delivery comfortably in one app.

The polyPod acts as a data wallet, as well as a virtual server and feature store. Via the data wallet, one can import ones data from external platforms and then manage it. That can for example be a friendly data download where companies or institutions source out their data management to the user. With the GDPR data importers integrated in the data wallet, citizens can also load a copy of their data from data oligarchs onto their device to find out what they know about them (e.g. Facebook Data Importer).

The virtual server uses the unused computing power of one’s devices to execute algorithms for data evaluation. That enables users to offer data based services where one is in control and can determine the price to generate one’s digital income. As just business critical and evaluated data-insights are shared, it doesn’t harm one’s privacy, saves data storage capacities and thus also a lot of money and CO2.

And last but not least: the feature store function allows companies, institutions and developers to provide features and services independently of data oligarchs. Step by step the polyPod transforms to a „Super App“ where one has all services from messenger to food delivery in one place. This is much more convenient than dozens of individual apps scattered across one’s end devices.

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