Halle 20 / Stand 214

Ansprechpartner Medien:
Charlie Rousset

Mobil / während der IFA: +33 662 525104

Meditate, relax, fall asleep


Morphée is a French start-up that produces disconnected products that deeply improve the well-being of its users through meditation. In 2016, flatmates Charlie –a student with an entrepreneurial spirit— and Guillaume —a former marketing consultant— decided to combine their experiences & convictions to help as many people as possible discover the benefits of meditation in everyday life. After 2 years of intense research, in collaboration with designers & sleep experts, they launched Morphée, the first disconnected meditation box that brings the keys of a good night sleep. It contains more than 210 sessions of meditation & sophrology to fall asleep easily, quickly and generate a deep and restorative sleep. The audio sessions are divided into 8 themes: Body scan, Breathing, Movement, Immersive journeys, Cardiac coherence, Napping, Music, Nature sounds.

Morphée has already helped more than 300 000 people relax & fall asleep naturally in France & abroad through its distribution across Belgium, Luxembourg & recently Australia, UK, Italy & USA.

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