PurrSong, Inc.
Halle 4.2 / Stand 402

Ansprechpartner Medien:
Crystal Pyo

Mobil / während der IFA: +82 1082 510 972

Ansprechpartner Medien:
Taegu Noh

Mobil / während der IFA: +82 1087 686 495

Cat Smartwatch (Fitness tracker)

LavvieTAG is a smart-care pendant for tracking cat activities. It analyzes cat activities into five types: sleeping, grooming & kneading, walking, running, and Zoomies. It provides data-based health information to users so that they can continuously observe and manage their cat’s health. LavvieTAG is 5g Light weight and 2cm in size. The tiniest pendant for cats makes it easy for them to wear and stay active. Even though it’s small, it has low power technology that lasts for 4 weeks once charged.

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