PurrSong, Inc.
Halle 4.2 / Stand 402

Ansprechpartner Medien:
Crystal Pyo

Mobil / während der IFA: +82 1082 510 972

Ansprechpartner Medien:
Taegu Noh

Mobil / während der IFA: +82 1087 686 495

Smart IoT Litter Box

LavvieBox is a smart-care litter box for cats which helps cat families care for their cat’s life.

Users are able to monitor cat’s health status by tracking cat’s urinary and fecal movement activities by IoT feature. PurrSong app which is linked to LavvieBox provides precise AI Analysis for users which unlocks the mystery of hidden health risks. Exterior of LavvieBox can be modified into different types of product structure and support a variety of accessories which enables users to match their and their cats’ preferences. This environmental-care litter box has a dust filter & air purifier implanted inside, which reduces the dust and odor to provide a healthy and pleasant environment for cats and cat owners.

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