IFA NEXT – the global innovation hub at IFA

From artificial intelligence to digital health. As the global innovation partner of IFA NEXT 2019, Japan will present exciting innovations, developed in its high-tech nation

Smart cities, the future of mobility, artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality – these and many other topics are the focus of IFA NEXT, IFA’s innovation hub. On 6-11 September in Hall 26, IFA NEXT brings together what belongs together: global expertise and knowledge for the future of technology, business and lifestyles.

The future technology developed by Japan is in focus at IFA NEXT this year: as a global innovation partner, this high-tech nation will be represented by start-ups, research institutes and innovative companies.

Video systems for autonomous cars or camera controls based on facial recognition will show what artificial intelligence could achieve in everyday life. Mini-headphones which translate conversations in real time via an internet connection, demonstrate state-of-the-art AI.

The “House of Smart Living” models our networked lives, demonstrating the use of artificial intelligence in ‘smart’ daily activities. Voice-controlled machines learn the habits of their users and automatically adapt all devices to suit their owners.

“Smart Living” is a keyword that defines many other IFA NEXT trends. Wireless charging systems are currently conquering the market with wireless household appliances. Intelligent systems for air purification, voice-controlled coffee machines and systems for safety and fire protection are just a few of the exciting developments.

Robots as household aids, entertainment or as hardware for learning through play are just as much a part of the IFA NEXT trends as the autonomous mini-transporters. Future mobility also includes light two-wheeled vehicles. IFA NEXT will feature an innovative range of vehicles from e-mopeds to e-scooters.

An ingenious piece of sports equipment demonstrations how well fitness and virtual reality go together. VR glasses allow their wearer to fly through space and time, and train every muscle in their body.

Digital health is also in focus. Clothing that is equipped with sensors to prevent poor posture or dehydration, and special glasses for light therapy or hypnosis can contribute to your well-being.

The first three panels have been scheduled with a program of presentations and discussions on the two centrally located stages, the IFA NEXT Innovation Engine. Topics will include 8K media, the housing industry and the future of 5G networking.

The 8K panel focuses on the future of media: How has the media world been preparing for the latest generation of high-resolution TVs? Which quality requirements, other than extreme pixel resolutions, play key roles? Which distribution channels can meet this new level of quality and deliver it into the living room of the future?

The housing industry panel will address all questions that concern smart living in networked cities. Various aspects of technology, economy and quality of life are considered equally.

The future 5G network panel will discuss a range of use cases, network characteristics, expansion plans and the possible range of end-user devices.

On all six days of the trade show, young founders of companies in the Association of German Start-ups will highlight topics of their own choosing with Startup Days – featuring exhibits and presentations on the IFA NEXT Innovation Engine stages:

6 September: Digital Health
7 September: Future Mobility
8 September: Smart Home
9 September: Artificial Intelligence
10 September: Tech for Good (Social Entrepreneurship)
11 September: IoT/Wearables/FitTech