In the Face of Disruption
De/Globalization – The Universal Remedy?

On September 5, 2022, we brought together supporters and skeptics on the topic of DE/globalization.
High-profile economists such as Marcel Fratzscher, Lisandra Flach and Yannis Varoufakis, the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk or the politician Jürgen Trittin opened up perspectives in their respective fields and thus outlined concrete application scenarios in order to offer the participants the greatest possible take-away effect on site and via live stream.

Media representatives and trade visitors did not need a separate ticket and had free access.​

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IFA+ Summit –

The topic of globalization has always generated pro and con voices.

However, current events – from climate crises to pandemics to the Ukraine war and the associated commodity bottlenecks / supply embargoes – have made the call for deglobalized structures increasingly loud. From an economic point of view, this may even seem to make sense, but the question arises: Can we actually put a stop to the crises affecting society as a whole by turning away from the decades-long globalization roadmap in this way?

What are the opportunities and risks of deglobalization? What are the details of such initiatives and what are the concrete implementation and effects – for companies, social structures and private individuals? Is it a matter of improving the resilience of national economies and companies and of having a greater impact on global, shared sovereignty? In other words: a steady improvement of global structures, instead of complete disengagement?

Under the proven motto “THE NEXT LEVEL OF THINKING”, the IFA+ Summit would like to open up a differentiated insight into this topic.

The title of the conference has been deliberately chosen to be open in order to stimulate a discourse.